Current Work

The current work continues an investigation of natural phenomena with a focus on exaggerated textures and colors. The panels are arranged differently each time they are exhibited to create a conversation about contemporary environmental issues. Encaustic Collagraphs are prints made from a \"collage\". The collage is made on a substrate that will be put through the printing press. The resulting print is called a Collagraph. I use wax and other found objects to create the \"plate\" and they are printed with R&F Pigment sticks on a variety of printmaking and Arches Oil paper.


These paintings represent work over the last five years in Encaustic (pigmented beeswax). I continue to explore the idea of the environment directly related to the Gulf Coast and other sensitive geographic areas that have seen environmental calamity both natural and man-made.

Works on Paper

This ongoing series of works on paper are mono prints incorporating encaustic, collage and silkscreen. Hurricane weather maps, spontaneous textures and found detritus on handmade and rice paper help to expand the investigation of natural and man made impacts on the environment.



For a more expanded view of my past work including additional painting series, drawings and installations, go to my artist’s page on <a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/caryl.stama\" target=\"_blank\">Facebook</a>.